{ Cominelli Wedding }

You know a wedding is going to be next level when the bride gets ready to some Eminem, and both the bride and groom have custom Snapbacks. The Cominelli Wedding was a huge Italian party from start to finish. Family style pasta dishes were for mains (yummmm), and spirits were on the house after speeches were done. Paula and Marco are a completely unconventional couple, and made sure that they had the most fun on their wedding day. 

The weather was perfect, the food was crazy, and the party was on top form (even great gran got down). This has got to be one of our favorite weddings to date, and we are so excited to share it with you!

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{ Van Rensburg Wedding }

It is definitely an emotional process capturing and editing wedding photos. Perhaps it is because it is such a special day, or perhaps it is because we, as photographers, are there during some of the most emotional parts of the day. Ryan and Jaydee’s wedding definitely ranks up near the top of our list of emotional experiences.

From the moment we met with these two beautiful people to discuss the prospect of capturing their wedding day, we knew this was going to be a special one. By looking at the pics you may think you know what we mean by “beautiful” (this is a seriously good looking family), but it was their inner beauty that impacted us most. Kind, humble and fiercely in love with each other, as well as their daughter Leah, it was impossible not to get excited about this wedding. 

We travelled down to the gorgeous Collisheen Estate on the Dolphin Coast, and were treated to an absolutely stunning afternoon to capture their photos. We then all got a lesson in partying from the oldies in the group, who danced like they were fueled by tequila (which they may or may not have been).

We honestly loved being a part of this day, and part of this gorgeous family’s story. Thank you Ryan and Jaydee for the honor of capturing your wedding!

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{ Olds Wedding }

Kim & Duncan’s wedding was a very personal event for us. Kim has been a very close friend of ours for years, and she loves Layla so much! We were so honored and moved when she and Duncan asked us to capture their wedding day. 

After meeting Duncan for a nice early morning shoot on the golf course, it was evident that this was going to be a special day. The liquid gold (AKA Castle Light) was flowing already, and the boys were in the mood for a celebration! 

Every element of this day went perfectly. As this was out first time shooting at Sweet Home we were blown away by the beauty of the setting! Surrounded by cane fields, cabbage patches and a flowering orchid house, we were spoilt for choice on our creative shoot. 

As the ever-spectacular African sun set and the dance floor opened, this celebration went crazy. Kids, grey-hairs and everyone in-between made sure that the dance floor did not go to waste. 

Kim and Duncs, we wish you guys the most amazing marriage and all God’s blessings as you guys do this life together! Thanks for trusting us with your memories! 

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{ Carr Wedding }

Kelvin and Amy’s wedding, set deep in the Drakensberg in the spectacular Cathkin Valley, was nothing short of epic. Tarryn and I had been on a scouting mission to their family home some months before and had been drooling over the thought of shooting this wedding ever since. We knew this was going to be a special one!

The garden ceremony, set in the garden of Kelvin’s home, had a backdrop like no other (check the pics). Monk’s Cowl and Cathkin Peak presided over the formalities as if they were close relatives! 

The creative shoot was an incredible whirlwind where we could barely take in how much beauty this valley was offering us, moving from scene to scene as God painted the most unbelievable sunset, just for Amy and Kelv.

Kelv and Amy had “warned” us that the wedding guests were party animals, but we had no idea. This was a wild one, and we did what we NEVER do: after finishing our pics, we partied (on Kelvin’s strict orders). All we can say is that we were glad this was the end of our summer wedding season, because we needed some decent recovery time after that party and the proper “tekkie squeaking” that took place. 

Kelv and Ams, we cannot wait to join you in Cathkin again soon! 


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{ Clarke Wedding }

The Clarke wedding will always rank as one of the most classically gorgeous weddings we have ever shot. Everything, from Catherine’s hand-stitched dress to the vintage Jag, just oozed class and perfection. Even the petals with which they were covered came from flowers collected from around the globe! 

The pictures from this wedding speak largely for themselves, so enjoy! 

A massive thanks to James and Cath for including us in your dream day! You guys were amazing, gorgeous and, in James’s words, “people we could really see ourselves hanging out with”. 

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