Haechler Wedding

I first met Max at her brothers wedding, which we shot in the City of Durban. I remember thinking “Wow! This gal is super hot and has the best hair I’ve ever seen!” Max walked up to me at the wedding, and said “Hey, I’m Max, and you’re shooting my wedding next year!” How often does that happen? I was instantly attracted to Max’s infectious, bubbly personality, and she made me feel so at home at Dean and Lis’ wedding (Dean and Lisa are also some of the best people you will ever meet!). 

Max and Pete got married at the incredible Netherwood. Max wore a dress that was two-story’s long (no kidding – check the pics!) and was just a dream to photograph. Max is so gorgeous, both inside and outside, and has the kindest heart! Pete is just as awesome, and good-looking, and also has a crazy good heart! It’s not often that you meet two people who are just fully good humans!

Max and Pete’s wedding was such a jol, from beginning to end, and we were honored to capture it.